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2 years ago, I read the anthology, Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails. Along the way, I got more and more scared, because it became more and more clear to me, that I no longer could believe in and support Christianity. Will God kill me, and send me to hell, because I no longer can believe in him and follow him? And what about the Christian part of my family?

At the time, I had a blog here, where I mainly had written about how amazing Christianity is. I ended up shutting the blog down, because I no longer agreed with many of the things I had written.

Then last spring/summer I wrote and shared a Google Slideshow titled, My Experience with Toxic Faith – Indoctrination, emotional abuse and purity culture in Evangelical Lutheran Christianity & The Church of Denmark.

I have decided that it is now time for me to try to create a new blog, and find my own voice to an even higher degree, here on the other side of Christianity.

I particularly intend to write about sexuality, psychology, as well as religious indoctrination and oppression (especially in Protestant Christianity and the Church of Denmark).

Some of what I am going to write about here will be in continuation of what I have already written in My Experience with Toxic Faith – and I might take some of what I wrote in the slideshow and turn it into blog posts.

It’s ok, if you disagree with my views and opinions. What you can’t do, is question my emotions and experiences, or tell me that some of these are less valid, than others. To do so is emotional repression. All emotions are equally valid – even if others in the same situation would have felt and experienced something different.

I will try to write most of my blog posts in both English and Danish. However, I consider English to be the main language of my blog.

Since most of the sources and resources I use – books, articles, podcasts, and so on – are in English, most of the links will go to resources in English, also on the Danish version of the blog.

– Bjarke Raabjerg

INFP, Freethinker, Sex Nerd

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