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A rough plan for the coming months on


Currently, I’m actively working on 4 posts. An Introduction to Toxic Faith and three posts to the series on core values.

The introduction to Toxic Faith is written. I need to get a translation done, as well as the final proofreading.

The subjects of the 3 posts about core values that I am in the process of making are (subject to change):

  • Core Values (3): Freedom of religion
  • Core Values (4): Sexual freedom, relationship anarchy and the right to one’s own body
  • Core Values (5): Autonomy and consent culture

The first two are written and are currently in my editing process. For the last one I have notes as well as an outline, but it hasn’t been written yet.

I currently have no plans to make any further posts for the Core Values series, other than what I’m working on right now.

Once I have done the above, I feel like I am about to have the foundation I need to be able to focus on creating content for the Toxic Faith category. At the moment, it’s my hope that I can get there during spring.

Introvert, Freethinker, Sex Nerd