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Religiøse traumer


Marlene Winell, Leaving the Fold

Jamie Lee Finch, You Are Your Own: A Reckoning with the Religious Trauma of Evangelical Christianity
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Laura Anderson,
Religious Trauma: Understanding the Dynamics of Adverse Religious Experiences & Religious Trauma

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Podcast Episoder om Trauma og/eller Purity Culture

Everyone’s Autonomous: Interview with Dr. Marlene Winell
Everyone’s Agnostic: Ep. 231, Dr. Eric Sprankle
The Life After Podcast: “Unbuckling The Bible Belt” with Jamie Lee Finch
The Life After Podcast: “You Are Your Own” with Jamie Lee Finch
Exvangelical: Blake Chastain talks with Jamie about her book, religious trauma, and more.
Parenting Forward: The Trauma of an Evangelical Upbringing with Jamie Lee Finch
The Liturgists: Jamie Lee Finch is a Sex Witch


The Airing of Grief
Everyone’s Autonomous Podcast
Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast
Living After Faith
Life After God
The Thinking Atheist


Darrel W. Ray, The God Virus: How religion infects our lives and culture
Darrel W. Ray, Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality

John W. Loftus (Editor), Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails
John W. Loftus (Editor), The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

Seth Andrews, Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason

INFP, Fritænker, Sex Nørd

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