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The problem with the “Pro-Life” movement is not so much their attempt to protect life as it is a serious lack of a desire for scientific understanding of cause and effect. The “Pro-Life” movement is based on a mixture of ideology, theology and patriarchal culture, but also good intentions to protect life, which makes it a dangerous cocktail.

The “Pro-Life” movement’s position that prohibition is the way forward is not only oversimplified and ineffective, but downright harmful. It doesn’t create fewer, but more abortions, while at the same time causing not less, but more terror and death. The exact opposite of what they claim is their intentions.

The irony is that if we look at the abortion issue through, among other things, biology, psychology, the social sciences and historically, i.e. take a scientific and humanistic look at the issue, then it turns out that the Pro-Choice movement is much closer to also being Pro-Life, than the “Pro-Life” movement has ever been, or is today.


Abortion: Science, the Soul, and the Question of Personhood
by The Thinking Atheist

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Introvert, Freethinker, Sex Nerd