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(Last updated: 01 nov. 2020)

We are humans in flux. We are, at varying speeds, constantly changing – and so am I. A fact that also has an impact on my home on the web:

  • I don’t post according to a fixed schedule, but when I have the time, energy and desire to do so.
  • Some of my posts will be regular updated with new information as I come across them, learn new things, find better ways to say things, and/or change my views. These will have the publication date changed to the date the post was last changed. Minor grammatical corrections that don’t affect the meaning of the text, won’t change the publication date.
  • I have chosen to collect some of the posts in eBook format. These posts are on this page tagged with “eBook“. The rest of the posts are tagged with “Only blog“. You can find the eBooks by clicking on “eBooks” in the menu. The eBooks are updated when I update the posts that are also part of the eBooks, so the texts are always the same.


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INFP, Freethinker, Sex Nerd

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