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Quote: Terms of The Introvert Revolution


We will not allow people to continue making us feel like there is something wrong with us.

We will not deny who we are.

We will not feel guilty about our innate needs and desires.

We will no longer accept the extrovert ideal as a superior standard.

We will not see the need to be alone as a social handicap.

We will live our lives as we see fit, not as others tell us we should.

We will use social media, books, and online forums as a means of spreading our message.

We will not apologize for being quiet.

We will not feel bad for hating small talk.

We reserve the right to let our phone go to voice mail 80% of the time (we’ll call back later … maybe).

Michaela Chung – The Introvert Revolution: A Quiet Path to Reclaiming Our Power.

Introvert, Freethinker, Sex Nerd


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