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🎶 Did you ever think for a second
I’m only human too?
You have no perception of all the struggles
That I have been through
Listening to the nothingness
I’m hearing while I watch your lips move
If you really knew me
You’d think twice about creating my truth

I’m sick and tired of feeling my face on fire
When you don’t know what you’re talking about
You don’t know what it’s like to be me
No, you don’t know what it’s like to be me 🎶

Kobra and the Lotus, You Don’t Know

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Dangerous Faith

When there is only one right answer, one right story – only one right narrative to follow.
That is when religions, cultures, societies, parents, partners, teachers, leaders, institutions, workplaces or the voice inside your own head, has become toxic and dangerous.

Welcome to my new blog [updated]

2 years ago, I read the anthology, Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails. Along the way, I got more and more scared, because it became more and more clear to me, that I no longer could believe in and support Christianity. If God exits, will he kill me, and send me to hell, because I no longer can believe in him and follow him? And what about the Christian part of my family – what will...

Quote: Terms of The Introvert Revolution

We will not allow people to continue making us feel like there is something wrong with us.We will not deny who we are.We will not feel guilty about our innate needs and desires.We will no longer accept the extrovert ideal as a superior standard.We will not see the need to be alone as a social handicap.We will live our lives as we see fit, not as others tell us we should.We will use social media...

INFP, Freethinker, Sex Nerd

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