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Christianity: a relationship with a psychopathic god


July, five years ago, I left Christianity under trembling anxiety. I had come to the conclusion, that god was either a psychopathic asshole or he didn‘t exist. I wasn‘t totally sure about the latter, so I sat in my chair, trembling with anxiety, waiting for God to kill me like he had done with Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. Nothing happend. Today, I‘m an atheist.

How does it feel to be a Christian? It feels like being in a relationship with a psychopath, without a way out… because you are. But if you grew up in it, it is your normal and you can’t see it.

In Christianity, you are in a relationship with a fragile and insecure narcissistic and psychopathic god:

  • A fragile god, that tells you that you are the narcissist and deserves nothing but his wrath, and therefore needs him to save you (Doctrine: Original sin) (Narcissistic projection / Gaslighting).
  • A fragile god, that tells you that all the bad stuff is your and your forefathers fault (he certainly didn’t do anything wrong, even though he is said to be omniscient and omnipotent) (Doctrine: Sin & Original sin) (Gaslighting).
  • A fragile god, that threathens you with his anger, if you leave him (Doctrine: Hell) (Narcissistic retribution).
  • A fragile god, that promises you an eternity in heaven, but only if you stay (Doctrine: Heaven) (Future faking).
  • A fragile god, that tells you that your emotions aren’t allowed / valid, are too much or maybe too little (depending on the emotion and which version of Christianity you are in) (Gaslighting / Emotional abuse).
  • A fragile god, that tells you that all the good things (incl. the good things you do yourself) comes from him and are to his glory alone, not yours (Doctrine: Soli Deo Gloria) (Emotional abuse).
  • A fragile god, that keeps giving people the silent treatment (Emotional abuse).
  • A fragile god, that tells you that your body is his to rule over and control (Purity culture)(Emotional & sexual abuse).
  • And more.

The Christian god doesn’t really care about anybody else, but himself and his own glory. He projects his own weaknesses unto us, he threathens retribution if we don‘t follow him, takes responsibility for the goodness of others, makes promises, but doesn’t deliver, rules over the bodies of his followers and loves to emotional manipulate and gaslight people to control them. You are nothing, but an object he can abuse to his own glory.

All the red flags of narcisism and psychopathy are there!!! He inspired a whole book filled with them, called The Bible. There are Christian songs, where you sing about having nothing or being nothing.

Every single day, Christians are subjected to narcissistic abuse. Children and young people have no way out of the abuse of this scary and psychologically violent god.

This can lead to religious trauma syndrom and developmental problems.

Here in Denmark, approx. 73% of the Danish population supports and enables this psychopatic god by being members of the Danish (Evangelical Lutheran) national church. 73%!!!

Please stop enabling the psychopatic god of Christianity and his church! Please leave Christianity, and if you live here in Denmark, please support a full separation between state and church. There is no excuse for his toxic and violent behaviour! And there is no excuse for the repressive and psychologically destructive behaviour of his church, not at least against themselves and their own.

Five years ago, after almost 4 decades of being in a relationship with an anxiety provoking psychopathic god (and his Danish national church), under the threat of an eternity under his wrath, I left!

You can too!

And if you have already done it, know this…

Former religious ppl are, IMO, some of the bravest ppl ever. Having never been religious, I can only imagine how terrifying the threat of eternal punishment is when you believe it. You faced that threat head-on, said fuck it, & went looking for truth anyway. Respect. #atheist

Courtney Heard (@godless_mom), (Check the replys under the tweet)

After leaving Christianity, I have found it useful to learn about narcissistic abuse and behaviour. As I just showed you, I find that there are a lot of similarities between being in a relationship with a narcisistic person and beliving in a narcisistic/psychopathic god with all your heart (like the one in Christianity). And if you believe in a god like the one in Christianity, the chances of you also being in relationship with at least af few narcissistic people (eg. partner, family, friends, pastors, or other Christian leaders), are probably high.

Dr. Ramani speaks and writes about narcissism. In this video she talks about how to handle spending time with people who don’t understand narcissistic abuse and what you went through.

Dr. Darrel Ray, in this talk from the Conference On Religious Trauma (CORT) 2021, talks about why professional psychology ignore religious abuse and he points out, that when we talk about religious abuse and trauma, we shouldn’t only be talking about high-control groups and cults, but most religions.

It does not matter how much one destills the Christian message and doctrine. No matter how many liberal scriptures you cherry pick. The entire framework is based on ideology that is psychologically abusive.

Dr. Darrel Ray, Why Does Professional Psychology Ignore Religious Abuse
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