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Toxic Faith

About the human costs of Christianity and the Church of Denmark.

Prevent religious trauma. Stop the psychological violence!

Toxic Faith: Introduction
My Experience with Toxic Faith


Dream & reality

This is currently one of the first pages of an e-book I'm trying to write (in Danish) and which I hope I can finish writing during 2022.

Can real love exist under threats?

Is it a true friendship, if it takes place under threats of eternal damnation in hell if you say no thanks to the friendship? Wouldn't a more appropriate word be: dictatorship? Can real love exist under threats?

The Church of Denmark and Lutheran Christianity as an origin for traumas.

As long as we aren't willing to talk about how Lutheran theology, ideology, culture and our national church, also here in Denmark, both historical and today, has been and is an important origin for traumas - and often complex traumas - we have already lost the battle for minimizing the traumatizations in our society.

Core Values (3): Freedom of religion

Everybody should be free to choose what religions they want to support and/or believe in, incl. the right to choose to live a life free from religion.

Belief in freedom of religion and religious equality for all is a very good reason to leave Protestant Christianity and the Danish national church. And it's a really good reason to support a complete separation between state and church.

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