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Toxic Faith

About the harmful and traumatic aspects of Protestant Christianity and the Church of Denmark and about healing from the damage done.

Prevent religious trauma. Stop the psychological violence!

Toxic Faith: Introduction
My Experience with Toxic Faith


Conference on Religious Trauma 2021

CORT, the Conference On Religious Trauma, was supposed to have taken place for the first time in Vancouver in April last year. However, it ended up being cancelled, due to Coronavirus. Now, CORT is back.

Toxic Faith: Introduction

Maybe it would be a good idea for us to become better acquainted with what kind of ideology, theology and way of thinking we are spending billions of Danish kroner on every year? I mean … it’s a fucking lot of money to spend on something we don’t consider as being important, which can potentially be deeply harmful, and which may go against our own values on several key points.

Dangerous Faith

When there is only one right answer, one right story – only one right narrative to follow.
That is when religions, cultures, societies, parents, partners, teachers, leaders, institutions, workplaces or the voice inside your own head, has become toxic and dangerous.

INFP, Freethinker, Sex Nerd