Hi, my name is Bjarke.

Once upon a time I had a blog here, mainly about how great Christianity is. Then I discovered the darker abusive sides of Christianity and it dawned on me how indoctrination, emotional/spiritual abuse and purity culture has adversely affected my own life.

You can read more about that here: Twitter or Facebook.

At some point I might create a new website or blog, but for now, I will just be using my social media accounts.

You can follow me here:

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Corey Pigg

Ok, I need to get back to voiceovers, but! I just want to say that none of us belong to someone else’s circus. We are our own (as Rev. @jamieleefinch puts it.) and if you’re in an abusive situation, if it’s not your monkeys, it’s not your circus... and it’s ok to leave. Namaste.

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Growing up in a Christian authoritarian environment really makes adulting fucking hard sometimes. Thread

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Pamina Q 🎄🦌✨☕️

You know, I bet lots of evangelical teenagers feel way guiltier about masturbating than their pastors do about sexually abusing teenagers.

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