Hi, my name is Bjarke.

Once upon a time I had a blog here, mainly about how great Christianity is. Then I discovered the darker abusive sides of Christianity and it dawned on me how indoctrination, emotional/spiritual abuse and purity culture has adversely affected my own life.

I'm working on something to better explain it. When I’m ready, I will put a link to it here + on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

At some point I might create a new website or blog, but for now, I will just be using my social media accounts.

You can follow me here:

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Amy Smith

Tell your story. Speak your truth. However you choose. Privately. Publicly. You’re important. You don’t need anyone’s approval. No one in any capacity has a right to lecture you or judge you. Not even other survivors. Not pastors. Not conference speakers. #metoo #churchtoo

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Michaela Chung

How to Overcome a Fear of Abandonment buff.ly/2teWuX5 pic.twitter.com/L8ZArkbdOE

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